Monday, 26 March 2012

Week beginning 26.03.12

Feeling very sorry for myself this week. Woke up Sunday feeling really tight but chesty, which didn't particularly improve as the week went on. This coupled with parents evening meant that I couldn't get to club for our club runs and as I was feeling so rotten, I didn't go out running on my own either.

Sunday 1st April
Inspired by Mum, Angela and Andrew yesterday in their Olympic Park run and having slept for 10 hours, I motivated myself with a lovely 13 miler with Angela and Ian this morning! Angela was heavy (unsurprisingly) from her run yesterday and my legs were heavy from a week of no running - I was hoping they would be sprightly but no such luck! I think my trainers might have passed their sell by date as it felt like I was running bare foot. Ordered new trainers as soon as I got home - exactly the same make and model as my old ones as I need to wear them in quickly. I should have been more organised but having upped the hours at work, trying to fit in the training and doing my masters is most certainly taking its toll!

Ran to Radnor Park, where I met Ian and Angela. We ran through Cheriton to the army barracks, down into Hythe to the end of the high street. We then turned around here and headed back along the canal, took a right past Hythe Imperial and hit the sea wall. We followed the sea all the way back to the Coastal Park, which clocked 13 miles. A very enjoyable run - good company, nice weather and an enjoyable route.

1 - 9:05
2 - 9:46
3 - 9:39
4 - 9:46
5 - 10:00
6 - 9:47
7 - 9:32
8 - 9:46
9 - 9:38
10 - 9:47
11 - 9:41
12 - 9:46
13 - 9:51
14 - 9:12

Average pace: 9:41
Total distance: 13.25 miles

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