Monday, 28 November 2011

Training for week beginning 28.11.11 (finally updated it Lynda!?!)

This is dedication for you - a friend wanted to do dinner out Monday night but due to the fact that I have missed the last 2 Monday's, I told her that I would do dinner but only if she joined me for boxercise first! This was despite my legs feeling of lead from my 11 mile run yesterday and my calf niggling :-)

Really enjoyable session with Steve who covers when Mark is off. His warms ups are brilliant, he has great music and is so motivating. A very high intensity work out with lots of arm exercises, followed by a lovely dinner at Zen Cafe - was totally worth it!

Woke up aching this morning, particularly my arms and my stomach. I think this was due to all those press ups and ab circuits! Ate several celebration choccies at work - the xmas pigging is beginning. Made me more determined to get running! Tonight was a mile and a half warm up to the Leas, followed by dynamics, then 4 x 1km reps with 2 min recovery. I did most of the dynamics but I could really feel my calf pulling this evening. It has gone from a low intensity, cramp like niggle to a sharper pain. Pushed through as I am really working hard at the moment and do not want to lose the fitness and the speed I have been building up. Not my fastest training but I managed to keep just behind Graham, Natalie and Genevieve and kept my pace steady. Mile and a half back to the club!

50 lengths followed by aqua running. Was longer reps for this session but I cannot remember as I haven't kept up to date with my blog. Oooops!

We ran to the Leas and did our dynamic stretches. My calf is really niggling at the moment, so I went easy on the dynamics, especially the side steps as I could feel it pulling on my calf. Tonights session was 8 x 90 seconds with 1 min recovery. I had every intention of taking it easy but as my fitness is at its best at the moment, I found it really hard holding back. I didn't run as fast as I have been but I didn't push it to the extreme. I still have no stopwatch, so didn't enjoy running with no idea of time. I tried to keep behind Natalie and Genevieve so I could see when they were recovering. They make it look easy and can hold a conversation in recovery whilst I sound like a steam train! 

No more running this week due to a trip to London and lots of Xmas fun with school apart from:

The Santa Fun Run
Myself and Catherine have been plugging this run at school. We donned our Santa suits and headed for town to meet our darlings! We had about 15 children which is great as this is the first year we have plugged it with the children. Absolutely love running with the kiddies. I couldn't believe how long the route was though! Somebody told me it was to the Leas Club (Catherine!) so I pushed the children and told them to aim for the Leas Cliff Hall. It was pretty windy for the little ones. When we got to the Leas Cliff Hall, I realised we had to go further! It turns out that we had to go pretty much to where we start our reps before turning round and running back to the Leas Club! They all did really well and I was so proud of them all. One of the girls in my class came third overall for the under 12's. I would love to put a pic on here but best not. Check out the KM as there is supposed to be a photo in there! 

Monday, 21 November 2011

Training for week beginning 20.11.11

No boxercise this evening due to a date with 10 lovely ladies, pizza hut, plus Edward and Jacob in Breaking Dawn! Oooops!

Part 2 of the club handicap this evening. I get so nervous! My left calf has been twinging all day and whilst I am not making it up, I do think psychologically I was playing on it as an excuse.

REALLY chuffed with my run today. I know that I set off way too slow last time (I had upped my mileage for the half marathon and forgot my pace for a shorter distance!) Set off with Angela and Jo which kept me moving fast. Was cursing Angela and Jo for setting off quick and making me work hard but I genuinely think it set me off at the right pace. Kept the same pace for both laps. Felt strong on the hill and overtook 2 runners which pushed me further. I never thought I was competitive but picking people off feels quite good for my self esteem! :-) Managed not to let anyone overtake until the second lap - Graham first just before Coolinge Lane and Chris on the final turn into Shornecliffe Road. When I heard footsteps, I was hoping it was a man as the further round I got, the more I was hoping to be the first lady home! Sue caught me on the final stretch but all those sprints have really paid off and after going head to head, I managed to pull the lead back and cross the line first. Using my arms correctly also made a difference. My time was 36: 27 compared to 38: 40 last time. 2:13 difference! I couldn't believe it. No idea how I am going to reach that time next time but it has definitely given me a buzz and the determination to keep the training going!

Aqua Running this evening
Started with my 32 lengths (half mile), then:
Strides, side steps and high knees in the shallow end for our warm up
x5 20 sec with 5 sec recovery
x10 1 min with 30 sec recovery
x10 30 sec with 15 sec recover
Jog, high knees, backwards jogging in the deep end for a warm down, followed by some dynamics back in the shallow end.

Warm up to the Leas (roughly 1.5 miles) followed by dynamics. Main session today was 1 min sprint, 1 min recovery, 2 min sprint, 1 min recovery, 3 min sprint, 2 min recovery x3. I ran just behind the two lovely french ladies. I had to keep up as I had no watch this evening. I never used to use a watch but now I have started, I found it really frustrating having no idea of time. It did make me keep up though! Really pleased as 6 months ago, there would have been no way that I would have even thought to stick behind Genevieve and Natalie. Warm down 1.5 miles back to the club. Total of just under 7 miles this evening. A good run, particularly as my calf is beginning to play up :-( Great to see Linda again too!

Gave myself a day off from X Country - partly due to my calf - I am hoping it is just because I haven't stretched much and upped the XC training and partly due to my late night last night! Was eating escondidos at 10pm and didn't think my stomach would appreciate the early wake up call and churning around. Will give calf a day off and perhaps try a longer run tomorrow as I haven't done a long run since the Folkestone half!

11.2 miles in 1 hour 42 today! Thanks goes to my friend Scott who I roped in to running with me! I knew I was procrastinating when I opted to mark 60 literacy books/folders and some research lit for my masters rather than going running! I am not sure I would have gone if Scott had said no instead of yes!

Ran from Downs Road to Cornwallis Avenue along to the Cheriton Road traffic lights and up to the Nail box pub. Ran down the Golden Valley to Sandgate to Hythe Imperial and then all the way back along the coastline and up Sandgate hill. Ran along Sandgate Road and cut through to Shorncliffe Road, past the running club and back to Cornwallis Avenue. Cut through Lynwood back home!

My calf niggled for the first 7 miles and then it seemed to warm up, which gave me bit more confidence as have been worrying about it!  Felt really strong and I am sure the last time I did 10 miles, I did it in 1 hr 54, so definitely a marked improvement :-) Now for the x factor and a cuppa!

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Training for week beginning 14.11.11

Tuesday 15.11.11
Hill session this evening. I was absolutely dreading it as I have managed to miss the first 2 hill reps this autumn!  We split up into 2 groups - boys and girls. We used the hill off Sandgate hill by the vets and then the hill down towards Gees. Fast sprints up the shallower hill by the vets with a brisk recovery. We had a steadier run alternating between the whole hill (long rep) and 3/4 of the hill (medium hill) for the hill below.

Surprisingly enjoyable in a warped sense of the word! I think the cross country and aqua running are definitely building up my resistance. Managed to run steady for both lots of 10 minutes. Sat just behind Mum all the way - usually way behind (nothing like a bit of mother/daughter rivalry to spur me on!) Even managed to overtake on the final 2 reps!

Felt very strong running back to the club - found the run back easier than I remembered - usually struggle. Also one of the first back - I remember being the one at the back catching my breathe back and stretching when everyone else was cooled down and in the club house.

Wednesday 16.11.11
Aqua running this evening:
Stretches in shallow end - high knees, side steps etc
Deep end:
x5 20 second sprints with 5 sec recovery on side
x1 minute sprint x1 minute jog recovery
x2 minute sprint x2 minute jog recovery
x3 minute sprint x3 minute jog recovery
x4 minute sprint x4 minute jog recovery
Stretches back in shallow end.

I also swam half a mile (32 lengths) as I had new goggles to play with.

Thursday 17.11.11
Was really tired this evening - think my week away with the kiddies and the pressure of the looming Ofsted has got me! However, finishing work at 6.15 was a blessing as I had no time to sit down with a cuppa and debate whether to go running or not. Mile and a half warm up, up to the Leas followed by dynamic stretches and 8x 2 minute sprints with 1 minute recoveries.

Not many at the club tonight so Fay ran with me and Mum. Really helped as I kept my speed up for the whole session. It helped that they were 2 minute sprints. Although a small part of me was praying that Fay would speed up and leave me alone, I was quietly pleased with the encouragement she was giving me as I worked flat out for the whole session. I could not have given anymore! I also beat Mum too! I didn't think I was that competitive but maybe I was wrong! It's that Mother/Daughter rivalry and the fact she is 24 years older than me!

So thanks to Fay for pushing me this evening! Just got to work on the stamina now as I would not be hold that for longer reps. Legs now feeling very heavy after 2 good running sessions this week. Total mileage 5.7 miles.

Saturday 19.11.11
Laid in my beautiful, warm bed this morning watching the clock ticking! Finally got up at 8.25! Oooops! My legs were heavy and I felt unbelievable full from my take away curry last night but my hard work is finally paying off so I got myself out of bed and off to Brockhill!

Did a different session this morning. Slightly longer reps. Started by the gate, down the hill, up to the left where there was a medium incline before it levelled, followed by a steeper, muddier incline, then had to run down the hill. Was very tentative as still not confident in my spikes (although no blisters today - yay!). We did x2 reps and then did the same route in the opposite direction. I preferred this second route even though we ended on the hill. I quite like the sprint finish up the hill.

After this rep, we had x4 reps on the flat in a loop, running alongside the stream. 2 one way and 2 reversed. I enjoyed this and was able to keep my speed up. It really gave me some confidence as it was flatter but there was uneven ground. Managed to keep behind Fay and Graham which spurred me on.

Followed these reps with 5 strides. Really listened to Fay's advice about where my arms should be and how it is my stomach which should be tighter not my shoulders. Here comes the six pack - haha! Found running back, during the warm down, hard today - my legs were so heavy.

Really pleased with my training session this week - will reward myself with a day off tomorrow :-)

Sunday, 13 November 2011

X Country - Bexley 12.11.11

Woke up feeling a little apprehensive this morning due to the fact I had been away with 54 ten year olds all week. I ate cooked breakfasts every morning, had huge lunches and dinners with puddings and survived on between 5 and 6 hours sleep each night! I was also nervous after my debut cross country run in Tonbridge.

There was no need to be worried today as I ran hard and was pleased with my time. It was a much easier course than Tonbridge, much flatter and 2 laps. The first lap flew by and I managed to keep Becky, Leah and Mum within eyesight! Second lap did seem to go on for a while. Managed to keep 2 Bexley runners within distance with the aim of overtaking before the finish. Really pleased with my finishes at the moment - managed a sprint finish and overtook them both. Very pleased with my race today - really buzzing! Now for a night out with a few well earnt drinks :-)

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Deal Tri 5 Miler

Finally decided to take part in the Deal 5 miler at 6pm last night. Had an evening in (almost unheard of!) Unfortunately, woke up at 5am feeling under the weather. Ummed and ahhhed until 9am whether to run or watch. Gave myself a talking to and stopped feeling sorry for myself and decided to run!

So, so glad I did. After getting over the fact that I needed the toilet after the first mile (the ladies queues were just way too long), I actually enjoyed the race. This is probably the first race I have enjoyed. Woop woop!

It was disheartening when I set off as soooo many people overtake me and I was a little unsure whether I was going quick enough but I checked my time at the 2 mile mark - 16:20 and knew I was on target. I have never run a 5 mile race before, so I wasn't sure what to aim for! I wanted to do less than 9 minute miles but am not quick enough nor do I have enough stamina to do 8 minute miles (yet!?!), so my aim was between 40 and 45 minutes! I really enjoyed the looping back at 2 miles as I enjoyed seeing the faster runners coming back down as I was still going down. I smiled/ spoke to all those speedy Folkestonian runners who were on their way back towards the pier. It gave me a boost and thinking about who I was going to see next meant that section went quickly. Before I knew it, I was on the way back towards the pier. Going up against the wind on the way back was tough and a bit of a shock to start but our training sessions on the Leas in the wind and the X C training definitely helped.   I was able to pick people off on the way back which gave me even more confidence! I had a battle with another lady at the point where Dave and Lucy were standing. I managed to lose her against the wind. Unfortunately, once we turned out of the wind and on the final straight, I could hear her getting closer! I think we crossed the finishing line together. It was great to work against someone like that and kept me focused.

Finished in 41:37. Sooooo pleased with my time. I was buzzing! Kevin did a great job on the microphone as usual. Spoke to some of the other runners who did amazingly well - particularly Will (I need to up my training sessions like Will has as it's really paying off for him). Then headed back to the pier to support Evonne on her way back. Great morning, great support and great feeling afterwards!

Saturday, 5 November 2011

My first X Country Race - Tonbridge 29.10.11

First Cross Country Race - Tonbridge
Highest number of ladies entered by a club! Go us!

Sessions for the wk beg 31.10.11, including another XC at Brockhill

Tuesday (1.11.11)
Hmmm... forgotten the session already. I have obviously done so much exercise this week, that I can't remember! Must update when I do it! It was a good one and I ran hard to make up for the disappointment I felt at the weekend! We went to the Leas (roughly 1.5 miles - so a good warm up), I think we did 1 x8 mins, 2 x4 mins, 2 x2 mins. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong! :-)

Wednesday (3.11.11)
Aqua running with Catherine. I haven't been for a while so was a bit worried but felt it working without it killing me! It's really good for my posture as it is harder to slouch in the pool and my arms have to swing faster. I don't think I am using my arms enough to help me - may have to work on this!

Thursday (4.11.11)
Another good session. 8 x 90 second sprints on the Leas with 1 minute recovery between each. Worked hard on this as it was for shorter time and I like to sprint the end of a race. Managed to keep the faster runners in sight which then spurred me on some more. Enjoyed the shorter, sharper reps!

Saturday (5.11.11)
X Country today - I must say I am not the best at getting up early on a Saturday, particularly as I could hear the rain drumming down on my velux windows! Finally crawled out of bed at 8.15 and had a glass of water and a pear. Was at Brockhill at 5 to 9! Once we got going today, a little part of me we quite enjoyed it :-) My ankles were really achy to start - I think it is the spikes and the lack of support around my ankles. I felt like bambi on ice for the warm up and kept losing my footing but once I got moving in the main session, they didn't ache as much and I was more confident. Main session was x2 of hill by gate, x3 of uphill fast, top recovery and downhill fast, then x3 reversed and x2 short, sharp hill near car park, followed by cool down. Total of just under 7 miles. Less blisters today too, so more promising! Rounded the session of with Tina's Chai cake and my rocky road! Perfect! Set up and ready for the day :-) Question is - do I do the Deal 5 miler tomoz? Hmmm....