Monday, 2 April 2012

Week beginning 02.04.2012

Tuesday 3rd April
After eating a large packet of maltesars, eating a banana and a pint of orange squash, I headed over to the running club! Was a little bit full when I arrived and not feeling a speed session but as I missed last weeks training, I turned down a longer steady run to open my legs up and get in a good run.

We headed to a different place for training this evening - went to the Mermaid Cafe, which was 1.45 miles. We then did our dynamics along the seafront before our main session. This was a 3 mile tempo run, with the aim of running all 3 miles at the same speed - roughly 10km pace. I headed off a bit too quick - 7 min/miles as I was following Catherine, Lucy and Sue. I settled in to just under 8 min/ miles. The first mile was the toughest and the wind took my breath away but I got into my stride on the second mile as the wind was with me. By the last mile, I knew I was on my final stretch, so picked up pace and caught Catherine and Lucy (not sure this was the aim as we were supposed to be steady but I liked the chase). Today gave me a better idea of my pacing as I have got caught up in lots of longer runs at the moment and slower paces.

1st mile - 8:06
2nd mile - 7:52
3rd mile - 7:39

Just looked at these splits and pretty chuffed with these :-)

Our session ended with a warm down up Sandgate hill and up Coolinge Lane. The corner was pretty tough and I am not so sure it was a cool down but definitely a good challenge!

Total mileage: 6.16

Thursday 05.04.2012
Got up this morning and had a muffin in preparation for the Marathon, to see what my body thought. Can't say I particularly enjoyed it as it was very stodgy! Picked Angela up and we headed to the Canal. The idea was to try and make 8:30 minute/ mile reps to see if I can sustain it for tomorrow's Folkestone 10 miler. Really struggled with keeping the pace for the first 2 miles and was worn out after 5 miles - not too sure how I will manage 8:30 on a 10 miler but going to give it a go. Target is to beat 1hr 30 as I have never run a 10 mile race. Don't want to let anyone down!

Enjoyed being up and out with Angela at a reasonable hour (she is much nicer to me than Becky and Leah, who make me go at 7.45am!) Wasn't too windy and it was quiet along the canal. Didn't quite make it to the animals, which was our plan as we were turned around at 2.5 miles. We just saw a deer before we turned! Next time, we'll have to do a longer run!

1- 8:31
2 - 8:41
3- 8:24
4 - 8:21
5 - 8:11

Average pace: 8:25
Total miles: 5

Good Friday 6.04.12 - Folkestone 10

Unbelievably nervous today! This has been the most nervous I have ever felt. I didn't have my usual 'crew' around me. I have grown very, very fond of the girlies on our Saturday runs and also when we did the Thanet 20. I was also feeling the pressure to do well as I felt privileged that I had been asked to run for the Folkestone Running Club and I didn't want to let them down!

Didn't start well as I warmed up with Will and got a stitch within minutes of running. When the race started, I just ran with the crowd. We had to run around the field for a lap. I think it would have been better if we'd had chips as myself and Tina started further back and took longer to get to the start line. I ran the lap of the field rather quickly as I got carried along. It was only when Catherine told me to pace that I noticed I was running at 7:15 minute/miles. Ooops!

Felt really strong going out and was pleased that my watch sat on 8:11/8:12 for the first 4 miles, particularly as I couldn't get to 8:30 yesterday when myself and Angela set out - shows how a race can push you! I enjoyed the first 4 miles and it was lovely having so much support from the club. The fast runners were already on their way back at 4 miles - so impressive! Watched for the club runners, which occupied my mind - they were all running so strong! Still felt strong myself on the 5th mile, then it all began to change...

The sun got hotter and the coastal park appeared. I didn't realise that we had to go up into the coastal park as I marshaled for the first time last year and they couldn't use the coastal park. The little ramp up was a bit of a shock and it was surprisingly undulated for that half a mile. My legs had got so used to running on the flat that it was an extra effort. Really good support in the coastal park which kept me going. Poor old Mick asked me how I was doing to which I replied that 'I was dying.' Poor old Mick probably wonders why he asks me as that was the response he got at my first X Country race. Once back on the flat and heading towards the Hythe Imperial, I really had to dig deep. It was really hot and the hotel was not getting any closer. This was where I hit a bit of a downer and couldn't get my legs to pick up the pace - still pleased that I stayed under 9 minute miles but did find this part of the course really tough. I was pleased to see Becky as she had my drink on the wall. The ladies and Clive (;-p) did so well at the water station but it is a nightmare trying to run and drink from plastic cups at the same time. I was so paranoid that I was going to choke (like the Folkestone half) that I didn't really drink any. Having a bottle, meant I could have a few swigs! Then got rid of it with Steve - handy having Folkestone marshals!

Once I got to the Hythe Imperial, I ran with a lovely man - can't remember where he was from but he had a light blue shirt on. He had cottoned on to my name through all the supporters and asked me if we had to do a lap of the field at the end, to which I replied 'I hoped not' with another choice word thrown in! We ran together for the last mile and a half until I pushed at the last corner. He said 'well done Kirsty' at the end - I love the running etiquette! My legs managed to find a last bit of strength for the final straight and I managed to get in a reasonably strong finish.

I was really pleased with my time of 1:24:00. I have never done a 10 mile race before and was aiming for 8:30/9 min/miles and a time of less than 1:30. The support from the running club is amazing and makes me proud to be a part of it. There is no way that a year ago I would have thought it possible that I could complete a 10 miler - let alone at 8:20 min/mile pacing. In fact, I am so pleased that I was asked to run because I said to my friend, who helped me marshal last year, that I would like to be in their (the runners') place this time next year. Look at where determination and good support gets you!

1 - 7:33
2 - 8:11
3 - 8:12
4 - 8:12
5 - 8:19
6 - 8:25
7 - 8:37
8 - 8:56
9 - 8:47
10 - 8:19
11 - 7:06
Average pace: 8:20
Total mileage: 10.07
Time: 1:24:00

Total mileage this week: 21

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