Tuesday, 7 August 2012

I am back and ready to go (she says whilst eating toblerone!)

So... I have been running on and off since the marathon but with a new temporary leadership role at school, year 6 SATS and a masters to contend with, I kind of lost the enthusiasm and motivation. I have spent the last 3 months working very long hours and eating lots of dinners out and catching up with friends in any spare time! This was highlighted in a recent run and a recent pair of jeans that felt a little too tight!?! I felt so fit after the marathon and watching the women's Olympic Marathon inspired me, so Monday is the day to kick start the fitness...

Monday 6.08.12
Got up this morning and went for a short run from my house up and around the East Cliff round Wear Bay Road and back along Dover Road. It started raining half a mile away from my house and made me think of all those marathon runners on Sunday. I am not sure I could have run the first half of a marathon in that rain!!? Ran 3.32 miles at an average of 8:49. Found the first mile hardest but managed to speed up once I got the rhythm going.

Went to a boxercise class this evening with my friend who I went to Switzerland - having consumed rather too many bottles of wine, we have both been encouraged to get fit! I love this class. Steve, who runs the class, is like an army major and has some great tunes to get you moving. The warm up is nearly half an hour and my legs were burning. I am going to try and get to this class every week as it will be good to improve my overall strength not just the running (particularly as I have agreed to do the tough man next year...)

Also managed to eat well and not eat out today! Really trying to up the water too as I can go all day at work without a drink. I have been getting pains in my stomach when I run at times and I am wondering if it is dehydration? Let's see how long it lasts...

Tuesday 7.08.12
Was really tired before running this morning and very achy from last night but am still feeling positive! We ran to the seafront today, which was 1.4 miles. I enjoyed chatting to the runners, I have missed the banter! We then did some dynamics before starting 4 x1km reps with a 2 minute recovery. We were running towards the wind for the first rep and third rep, which was tough and I certainly started too quick and slowed. Perhaps I need to pace more as it is very visible when the wind was against me?

Rep 1 - 7:51
Rep 2 - 7:26
Rep 3 - 7:55
Rep 4 - 7:36

Pleased that they were all under 8 minute miles, although I am not sure I could manage this for 10km race, so definitely something to work on!

Ran up the zig zag path and could feel the legs burning from boxercise but it was a good feeling back at the club having completed a tough run!

Currently eating toblerone but I have limited myself to 3 pieces and have a pint of orange squash to balance out the bad with the good. Hehe! Promising! I did turn down a piece of cake when I had lunch with my grandparents today :-)

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